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Product Development, UX & Design

We never rest on our laurels at HolidayCheck. We are always looking for ways to make things even better and improve our deals, processes and user-friendliness every day.

IT & Business Intelligence

Every dream holiday booked via HolidayCheck starts with a line of code. The IT team develops our online platform and apps, which are used by as many as 30 million people every month.

Operational Excellence (incl. Business Intelligence)

Careful planning is crucial for a good holiday, but it is also essential for a company. We make sure that HolidayCheck is – and remains – a modern and innovative organisation.

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Our content makes HolidayCheck unique. It is generated from a variety of sources and fuels our services and products.

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Sales, Marketing & Customer Care

We can only arrange successful trips if our business partners are happy too. That is why our team always has an open ear for our customers as well as keeping an eye out for new business opportunities.


Spend some time at HolidayCheck as an intern or a working student. It could be the beginning of an exciting journey!