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Fancy skiing before work, sitting under palm trees at lunchtime and sipping a glass of Lech in one of Poland’s most beautiful old towns in the evening? It may only have a population of 600,000, but there’s more in Poznań than you might expect.



    A fascinating range of cultural activities has evolved in Poznań since the 1950s. The city boasts an incredible number of theatres and galleries – and even an opera house. On top of this, the young city in western Poland has a beautifully restored old town, modern boutiques and shopping centres, chic bars, high-class gourmet restaurants, new luxury hotels and – last but not least – an indoor skiing centre and a tropical hothouse.


    Some of HolidayCheck’s most important features are brought to life at our development centre in Poznań. Our offices are a stone’s throw away from the historic heart of Poznań with its many restaurants and bars. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, our offices offer a networked and dynamic work environment.


    Home to almost 100,000 students, Poznań has an attractive nightlife with clubs and bars to rival the Polish party hotspots of Warsaw and Cracow. An active scene has developed in recent years – especially for electronic music – which sets the tone for the whole country and shapes the region’s club culture.

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If you need to move for your new job, we are happy to help. We will give you the most important facts and tips about your new home town before you arrive, assist you with the formalities. Of course, you can also count on us when you are looking for a new apartment.

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